Wikipedia – The Rising Content Marketing Platform

wikipedia content marketing platform

Wikipedia is something that the entire world is aware of. Possibly 5 billion people out of the 7 billion people have used it even for once. Wikipedia is currently the fifth most visited website in the world with around 40 million visits regularly. With 29 million pages in over 200 languages, it has taken over the world of websites too soon than it was ever expected. This website is being used as an online encyclopedia as well as a content marketing platform but was that the thing it was launched for?

Actually, no the website was being made with the idea to make an online encyclopedia that would be able to give the world information about anything and everything.

Reasons for the rise of Wikipedia as a Content Marketing Platform

This was the idea behind Wikipedia and the founder’s proceeded with the same but then it moved on to become a content marketing because of the following things.

1. It Had Increased Its Reach

With time the website grew more and more in a number of people reaching for it. From just a few visitors to 40 million visitors regularly was a big achievement and this was what marketers did see at the first place. This was the actual motivation for using it as the content marketing platform and then the marketer’s progress to make the contemplations on using it for the same which changed the fate of Wikipedia entirely. This is what marketers look in any online platform and Wikipedia thus is a perfect choice which gives you a chance to connect with millions of people from around the globe in a single go. This is the first reason of people getting to it.

2. Closely Follow The Stats and Numbers of Your Page

One of the things that have been regarded as highly important in the current marketing field is the numbers and stats. The number and stats are said to be important for making better strategies and plans of the marketing by knowing the preferences of the customers. This a thing that has also made Wikipedia be in the eyes of content marketers. Over the Wikipedia page, you can have a close eye on from where the visitors are coming or how many of them are coming regularly on your page and such other stats. These stats could help the marketers out for the best strategies to be planned ahead.

3. It Provides Backlinks

Conversion is one thing that is looked by most of the marketers and possibly the success of any marketing platform or campaign and this is the thing that marketers look for in Wikipedia as well and it does provide the same. Wikipedia can be used to convert the visitors to your website with backlinks. This is a part of positive SEO and this is what brings most of the content marketers to think of this platform as a content marketing platform.

4. It Is Cost-Effective

One thing that is to care in all marketing campaigns and probably in every business operations is costs that are incurred in the same. While most of the other content marketing platform requires a cost of production this platform requires nothing. Wikipedia does not cost anything for people who want to create a page but if you are getting to a professional like a Wikipedia writers or editor it can cost you a bit. But still, the costs would be much lesser than what other platforms require.

These are the things that have made Wikipedia to be considered as one of the rising content marketing platforms in the world despite the fact that it was launched and started as an online encyclopedia. People were given a chance to create the pages on the platform on their own which was thought to be an opportunity for the people in making the pages and getting their subject and topics to be posted out there. Although, the platform still does not allows people to create pages related to marketing which is also included in the requirements and guidelines of the Wikipedia page creation. People mostly use this content marketing platform for awareness creation which and make that to be aligned with the marketing objectives that they have in their organization or business.

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