Top 5 Best SEO Tools in 2018 That You Can Continue Using in 2019

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SEO has always been the backbone of a solid website. Without SEO, we can hardly imagine quality content being delivered to users who visit Google or any other search engine. With each passing day, Google is improving its SEO algorithms to present better quality content to the users and top SEO tools have been modifying themselves to adapt to the changes.

Today, websites cannot hope to reach the first page, if they do not provide a certain amount of satisfaction to both, the users and Google. Optimizing SEO is never easy, but with the help of certain SEO management tools, the process is simplified from maintaining a huge excel sheet to just plan your proceedings with a few clicks.

Following we have compiled an unordered list of the top SEO tools, which you can continue to use in 2019.

SEMRush SEO Tool


SEMRush is a marketing SEO tool like no other. SEO experts love making use of it, due to its familiar nature and simplistic display. A user can easily analyse their rankings and the changes, which have happened to their position in the recent past. A favourite feature of users is the Domain vs Domain analysis, which allows you to compare your website to other competitor website.

In terms of analytics report, the tools will help you better understand your site’s traffic, search data, and even your competitor. The user is informed about the ranking of each web page, and for what keyword the page is being ranked for. It informs you on about the ranking of each web page, and for what keyword is it being ranked for. It even informs your about the Ad competition that you might have, the number of results, your own position and is the keyword trend graph going up or down. The On-Page SEO Checker tools even provides you recommendations on how you can improve your own site’s performance. It provides live results, which can help you heavily alter your site performance in a positive way.

Moz Pro SEO Tool


Moz Pro is one of the finest SEO tools available on the internet. The tool provides you a true insight into rankings and keywords. It fully analyses your website for SEO errors, which have been holding back your website from being ranked. It points out the smallest of errors, such as H1 tag errors, to telling you that a page has been hindering your site’s performance.

Moz Pro also includes a keyword planner that retrieves the monthly search volume and ranking websites for that keyword. It helps you to plan ahead, provides you relevant keywords based on the keyword you put in, and also provides insights on them. With Moz, not only can your site perform better, but it will help you to improve it even further and further. Moreover, Moz also offers a free MozBar, which can be installed in your browser. It helps you analyse any website that you visit, their DA, backlinks, incoming links etc.

Ahrefs SEO Keyword Tool


Ahrefs has been the favourite of many digital marketers. It is unarguably one of the best SEO analysis tool around in this time. The tool is able to highlight parts of your site, which require improvements. It can help you in analysing your competitor’s backlinks and use them to modify your own brand. It provides competitor research, rank tracking, SEO audit, keyword research and so much more. The Domain Comparison tool within allows you to add your website along with 4 competitors’ website. This allows for a deep analysis, and you can check what links have backlinked to the competition compared to yours.

The tool can assist you in finding great opportunities by making use of the largest database of backlinks, only second to Google.

Google Analytics


We can’t be talking about the top SEO tools, without mentioning Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool, offered by Google and offers various tools, which can help you determine your performance and monitor it on a daily, weekly or yearly basis.

You can check where you traffic is being derived from, check the traffic spike and announce a campaign to see the before and after results. The tool does a fine job in letting you understand your visitors and monitor your past performance. It gives your analysis upon your visitors, how they reached your website, the time they spent, and where they spent that time. It assists you in understanding your visitors, so you can continue making content, which interests them. By observing the visitor’s visit patterns, you can determine what interests them and what not.

However, if you see sudden changes negatively or positively in your traffic feed, you will need to check the reason for it in another tool.

Google Trends


Predicting the market and planning your services accordingly has been a long-term success formula for decades. The same holds true for SEO strategies. Predicting what is going to be in trend and what is being trending makes all the difference. In determining this, Google trends can be of immense help.

Google trend is an extremely helpful but underrated tool, which can assist you in observing changes in search volumes of varied topics and search terms. Mastering this one tool can keep you a step ahead of your competition. For search marketing, it provides analysis of search query behaviour. Each day, you can check the results and see which topics have been trending using this free tool.

Content Is The Key!

Optimizing your website has never been easier with the assistance of various top SEO tools available on the internet today. These above-mentioned tools will help you in optimizing your website and help you find the latest topics to talk about, but ultimately, the uniqueness and relevance of your content will matter just as much. Blind reliance on anything can prove fatal for you and your website. Only by combining your analysis with the modules and reports offered by the tools can you truly get your content and site to the top.

If you are in need of some top-notch content services, which can highlight your services, wait no more and contact us!

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