Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools in 2019

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Would it not be great if you could achieve your business targets faster? It is possible to do this if you have access to the best digital marketing tools. But, given the huge number of marketing tools that are now available, you may not be sure of the right one for your business. To learn how to use any of these tools, you must devote a fair amount of time and money.

It is therefore imperative that you make the right choice now; else, you will have to start from scratch by switching to another more relevant marketing tool. With an Udemy coupon learning how to use these digital marketing tools has now become much easier.

Here are some of the most popular and high-rated digital marketing tools that you can use to boost your business:

  1. HubSpot Marketing:  is known for offering a variety of tools to aid an enterprise’s growth, regardless of the stage of growth they are in at that time. Most of these are free of cost and you can create web forms, live chats and popup forms to get more leads for your business. You can even send kickback emails, analyze visitor behavior on the site and incorporate all data into a free CRM. The paid tiers give you access to more sophisticated tools.
  2. Google AdWords: is a rather popular digital marketing tool today for advertising your business and for making sure that it features on the search engine result pages. It hosts the Google Keyword Planner that lets you research for keywords to include in the ads, fix budget caps, display your services and products on Google results pages, etc.
  3. Trello: a tool for content management which businesses are now using to brainstorm and strategize content. Trello is often used at HubSpot to determine when the blogs are going to be published. It is free and ideal for smaller businesses and you can brainstorm easily even when employees are in different locations. You can also assign workers to a card to know who is writing or editing.
  4. Canva Business: a drag-and-drop platform that allows users to make images with icons, custom pictures, fonts and shapes from the catalogues provided. You have freedom to design your own logos, graphs, images and presentations depending on your project’s needs.
  5. Google Analytics: This is by far the most useful tool for digital marketers. This tool can tell you who visits the site, which pages they spend time on, and you can track conversions and events to learn user engagement.
  6. Mail Chimp: a social advertising and email marketing tool for orchestrating effective marketing campaigns. This tool will let you assess traffic generated from such campaigns.
  7. Hootsuite:  an enterprise-grade solution for media management that can store approved content for team members to access from the cloud at any time when they must create social media posts. You can even have multiple posts scheduled to be released at the same time with keywords and tags. Hootsuite is capable of calculating conversions, ROIs, public conversations regarding your brand, etc.
  8. BuzzSumo: a content research tool for identifying the biggest
  9. influencers in an industry. It helps you connect with these influencers. You may browse through trending topics for targeting your audience. You may also view content analytics and assess performance.
  10. Buffer: is almost similar to MeetEdgar as far as social media posting goes. Furthermore, this tool offers analytics for posts and comes with tiered pricing. It is possible to start using it in a matter of minutes because it is very user-friendly.
  11.  Ahrefs: is a complete SEO tool that helps you to speed up website traffic. It is perfect for competitive analysis, and you can check who sends links to your competitors, view their top pages, etc. You can even see where competitor’ pages rank and with the help of the Content Gap tool, you can even detect the loopholes in your own content.

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