SEO Copywriting: 5 technique to get huge organic traffic

seo copywriting

If you are struggling to bring high organic traffic to your website, then you might need the help of SEO copywriting. If you are not following this strategy, your content will fail to rank for quality keywords and won’t bring much visitors. Also, the bounce rate tends to go high. SEO Copywriting is one of the most impactful strategies which can boost your internet presence content-wise. But, how can you do that here’s the guide of SEO Copywriting and some techniques which can boost your rankings:

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is basically getting the balance between the content you write and the content which Google understand. With new Google policies, you don’t get to see spam titles anymore in the search results. Instead of those tricky spam titles, you get relatable and genuine titles. Imagine if you search for “Amazon Coupons India” and you get a title named as ”Amazon Coupon Code India for electronics.” Google knows that these are fake and instead of showing titles like this, it will bring up titles like “Find the nearest Bosch parts replacement center.”

SEO copywriting in short words is the art to persuade, convert, and sell. A nice content is shared, clicked, opened and read.

But, why is SEO copywriting so important?

SEO copywriting can help you boost rankings for the right queries and keywords. You have to use the terms which buyer is searching for, give them the perfect content, and get the right results. Just put the right keywords in the right place of your content and you can see that the ranking shoot the stars. Copywriting requires fewer efforts but in return give huge results. Moz, which is a globally known website boosted organic traffic by 32 percent- all thanks to SEO Copywriting.

Here are some techniques to rock SEO Copywriting:

1. Inverted Pyramid to reduce bounce rate

See, o one likes to read long paragraphs, Instead of it, straightly get to the point what you want to convey. Start with the end, so that visitors never feel bored in the reading process. Just tell them at the beginning only- solve these questions about topic What, When, How, Why, and Where. Then switch to less important information, and then some quotes, and the end. It will catch the audience at the beginning only and you won’t suffer any bounce rates issues.

2. Shoot for Answer Engines

Search Engines are also the Answer Engines. Gone are the times, when you have to use the salesperson or the company, how to use their product and all. The buyer to buyer relationship is more strong these days than the buyer to the seller. People look for queries like How to use beard oil and not the companies answer these questions but the bloggers. Content writers have gained the trust of users. Users trust that he/she might have bought this product and that’s why he/she is answering the question. Question-based articles are one of the best ways to boost organic traffic. At SEMrush, you can search for these question-related queries and use them in your content.

3. Say no to boring Title Tags

Writing a kickass title tag can give you a good chunk of traffic. People don’t want to see post having some old boring titles. If you are writing about SEO Copywriting, your title can be “7 techniques to rock SEO Copywriting” instead of “What is SEO Copywriting”. A nice title includes Brand names, power words like best or worst, and sensationalism like exposed, rock, etc.

4. Aim for Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are the first results which come in a box with the article starting and the link below it. You might have seen it in many queries. If you search for “Biggest planet in the Universe”, you get a box as the first result answering “Jupiter”. But, these are universal facts which Google takes up from its knowledge bank. But, there are some queries which Google don’t know like “Upcoming Phones list with no notch”. Now, if you have written an article on it, your article will come in the featured snippet which will give you a big chunk of traffic from Google.

5. Write a catchy meta tag

Meta tags are read by the audience! So, don’t tag them for granted and write some catchy lines in that space to attract users and visitors like if you are writing about any offers for food industry then it will be written as “Swiggy Coupon Codes for new users in Delhi”, which should be very much specific. This place is where you persuade your visitor or user to come and look at your valuable content. If you fail to do so, your meta tag is not cool and compelling- just know that. If you are not getting clicks, your rankings will be affected and it hurts.

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