Maximize Pricing & Profits with Best Amazon Account Management Services

Amazon account management can be overwhelming some times. Sometimes you unlock strategies that perform well on Amazon Seller Account and sometimes the campaigns don’t give as fruitful results as they are required to.

You see, every product has a different space in the eCommerce industry. Hence, your amazon brand management needs modification and ultimate focus while designing different types of strategic campaigns for different types of products.

Now, the point is, how can we identify what type of campaign will work for what type of product?

Well, I am your Amazon virtual assistant who will help you in designing uninterrupted and “product-based” campaigns.

What does Amazon Account Management Include?

There are a lot of tricks and tips to create growth-inspired campaigns. But first, let us see, what all things you need to do for effectively running your Amazon seller central account.

  • Amazon Store Optimization
  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • Improving Conversion Rate
  • Analysis and Report

A brief introduction for all the above tasks are as follows-

1.  Amazon Listing Optimization

Your product listings need constant focus with modifications and updations to gain product visibility and improve CTR and conversion rate. Amazon listing optimization includes the following tasks-

Amazon listing optimization includes the following tasks-

  • Keyword Research-

While handling your Amazon seller central account for your product, you should be updated on all the positive as well as negative keywords.

  • Listing Text Optimization-

Making sure that your keywords are well adjusted in your product titles and descriptions should always be a point of attention for you.

  • High-Quality Images-

Always, and I mean it, ALWAYS put high-quality product images for your Amazon listings. Blurry images or product images with irrelevant content can be discarded by Amazon or result in a low number of sales.

2.Amazon Store Optimization-

Amazon store optimization includes optimizing products through the A9 algorithm. Apart from high-quality images and unique product content, Amazon product ranking depends upon the following basic factors-

  • Product page optimization- Product page optimization includes product title and description of content optimization.
  • Seller rank- A good seller rank plays a vital role in product ranking and sales.
  • Search terms and index- Appropriate keywords should be added and updated constantly
  • Pricing- Steady conversions demand comparative pricing. Customers should always be aware of the actual and discounted product prices.

3. Improving Conversion Rate

There are several ways by which you can improve the conversion rate of your Amazon campaigns.

Some of them are-

  • Promoting your products OFF-AMAZON-

Social media is the best way for OFF-AMAZON promotion. Developing a brand presence on any of the social media platforms will help your brand gain visibility and hence more sales.

  • Strong off-page SEO –

Doing off-page SEO is also an effective method for your products to gain visibility and profits.

  • Backend search terms-

Adding backend search terms should never be ignored as these terms play a vital role in increasing your keyword strength.

  • Reviews-

Customers are often influenced by negative reviews on products. Negative reviews will not only have a bad impact on your brand but also result in bad conversion rates.

  • Have a fully-stocked inventory-

Studies show that products with a “not in stock” tag results in a sure drop in sales. All the marketing efforts and tactics will be a waste if your product goes “out of stock”. Hence, keep your inventory fully stocked to achieve higher performance levels.

4. Analysis & Report

The analysis of your created campaigns is very important. A deep analysis of the campaign

performance include-

  • Identifying weak listings
  • Competitor comparison
  • Identifying well-performing campaigns and keywords

You can get your metric based report in the “By Asin” option. Here are the metrics that you would see after clicking on the reports “by asin” option-

  • Sessions- It will tell you about the number of customers who visited this ASIN detail page.
  • Pageviews- This will showcase the multiple views made by the customers.
  • Total Order Items- It will tell you about the total number of items that got ordered.
  • Units Ordered- It will tell you about the number of units ordered for this product,
  • Buy Box percentage- It will tell you the time your product was in the buy box for customers.
  • Unit Session Percentage- This will tell you about the number of sessions that got converted.
  • Session Percentage- It will tell you the percentage of customers who visited the ASIN detail page who went on to buy the product from you.

But instead of trying all of it yourself, why don’t you relax and leave it to me, your Amazon virtual assistant?

I will help you launch your new Amazon business, run healthy and profitable Amazon campaigns, and provide a full-service Amazon account management facility.

So what are you waiting for?

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