Insanely Important Content Marketing Tools For Your Online Business

content marketing tools

When it comes to content, associating it with only writing is not a good idea. If you restrict your approaches to such a limited scope of content, you will not be able to bring most out of it. You will find yourself surrounded by problems with very little room to bring prosperity. So, here is what you need to have.

5 Effective Content Marketing Tools

Here is a guide composed that shows a list of top content marketing tools that every professional must have. From management software to note-taking the app, there is a lot to discover and learn about.


BuzzSomo is the ultimate platform to get on when in search of the latest insights about content. You can find out which topic is in trend. It will help in sketching a proper and profitable campaign for your brand. You have to look for ways you can find better revenues of generating most traffic interactions at your site and getting hands on the trendiest topic is the best solution of all. Secondly, when you plan on getting an influencer for your campaign, you can seek information from the platform to know who are the top-ranked influencers and for what they are being called in the campaign.


There is a common trait in every writer to get ideas and concept about a campaign or project they have brainstorming for hours at the most unexpected place. You are walking down the streets suddenly a brilliant idea pops into your head or you are doing your dishes and you get inspired by something happening outside to compose a beautiful plot for your book.

In such times, all you dearly want is a paper and pen or a chance to hop onto your desktop to get your thoughts out before they get blurred in the midst of other distractions. So, here is the perfect app for your- Evernote. The app provides the facility to add your text in the notes and share them with your friends as well. You can organize the list with different heads and arrange them for future use.


Kred is a source to enhance the credibility of your content campaign; It’s a source through which you can excel at double the pace. Kred gives you a chance to interact with influencers and gets close to potential customers. It assists in building up a professional team and engaging prospective customers. You can maximize your online visibility and surpass your competitors.


Trello is the best platform for you to bring your team and coordinate with them efficiently. You can have an entire meeting and interactions of Trello as well. Provide different user ids to each one of them and get them synchronized to maximize the overall productivity. Trello provides you with a chance to add list, board’s deadlines, notifications, and instructions for every employee. You can track the performance and stats of each team member and accelerate the progress of your business.

The dashboard is simple and interactive along with having proper features to bring ease in usability. The software is efficient enough to captivate each user and it easier to manage teams effectively. Many leading firms and book writing consultant have used the tool that speaks about its elevated level of professionalism. Moreover, it’s a perfect platform for handling projects as well.


One of the finest content marketing tools for those who want to compose flawless content, Grammarly is the perfect tool to go with. You can find out every flaw or error present in the content. It has a premium account opportunity for greater clarification about the mistakes. You can find out the details about each error and can fix it then and there. It provides a quick evaluation and makes it easier to compose good quality content.

Whether you are at a beginner’s level or have spent years in the professional, you surely will find Grammarly a helping hand in getting sure about your content quality. The app is regarded and praised by many expert platforms and blogs spots. Many professionals recommend using it. You need to try it and get a look at your writing errors to gain an enhanced level of efficiency.

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