Increasing Significance of YouTube Marketing: How You Can Use it to Benefit Your Business?

YouTube is a California-based online video sharing platform that was launched back in April 2005 by the trio of Chad Hurley and Steve Chan and Jawed Karim. In November 2006, YouTube was bought by Google. Over a matter of just 15 years, it has become the global hub of content. Every minute, 500 hours of content gets uploaded on the platform by the content creators. In India alone, there are about 27.2 crores active YouTube viewers.

YouTube marketing

Music, craft, gaming, learning tutorials, product tutorials, vlogging, children rhymes or lullabies, recipes, organizing hacks, standup comedy, you name it and YouTube has it! It is an awesome space to promote your business if you know just the right things to invest your resources in. There’s an entire community of content creators who either post to be popular, advertise, or simply to earn.

So here, to your rescue, we present to you 11 awesome ways in which you can win the YouTube space in one shot and create a niche so that it benefits your business!

Approach the pro YouTubers

If you hadn’t yet realized the importance of YouTube marketing, it’s okay! Till the time you make your own channel and gain popularity on it, you can approach popular YouTubers or channels to advertise your brand in their videos. They’ll for a sure charge for it, but you’ll get a decent brand placement in an already existing viewers’ community.

Invest in the Ad real estate

YouTube is undoubtedly a perfect advertising platform to reach audiences of all age groups and nationalities. The world’s biggest content platform is also a great way to push your ads to more and more viewers. But, don’t have your viewers dying to press the ‘Skip Ad’ button, keep your ads short and catchy.

Create your own channel!

If you’re already not there, it’s high time to enter the YouTube space for your own business. If you think your product or service is not relevant to video content, brainstorm and just be there as YouTube is one of the platforms which give high-quality content for free. So don’t miss out on it!

Do your Research!

Look for the most popular videos and learn what worked for them. Pick their keywords and tags, so your content gets suggested when the viewers watch that video. Right from the start, strategize your approach and keep your channel updated as per the latest stuff. Take lessons from others but don’t imitate anyone’s style.

Content is the King!

Your content has to be, firstly, unique and secondly, funny, relatable, or useful to keep your viewers engaged otherwise they’ll better shift to other channels as there’s no dearth of them. Aim for the long run and invest in creating good content.

Raise money and gain loyalty, patreon-ize your channel

With a growing audience, you could also link your channel to Patreon which basically helps you earn money as viewers join it and give you money for the value-adding content that you share with the world.

Let people ‘Join’

Build a connection with your audience by letting them “Join” your channel. Gradually as your channel and community grow, you could give them access to your exclusive content, early access to videos, and discounts on merchandise.

Collab(orate) with OTT movies/shows

Approach some YouTubers or any online movie and shows channels to place our brand in their videos. It will cost you less, will save a lot on advertising, and will help you reach large viewership. This became a hit formula especially during the lockdown, which gave a boom to online content sharing as it was the only resort for a working-from-home generation.

Know your users, engage them in feedback!

Indulge with real people; identify the loyal and genuine audience members from your viewer community and research on data points like gender, age, interests, etc. Then collect & share their feedback or experiences to keep them engaged and excited. Not only will it be fun for the existing followers, but will also appeal to the new visitors.

Make How-To videos and playlists

If you’re selling a product, you could make tutorial videos and demo videos which will come in handy for your users. If selling a service, you could give your viewers a sneak peek into how you do what you do.

Moreover, you can make your channel look all nice and organized by making playlists of a series of videos.

Use call-to-action buttons

A lot of hard work goes into content creation. So, do not forget to drop any of these subtle humble reminders for your viewers to share your work!

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