How To Build A Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy In 2019

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Whenever your company decides to make the most of the digital marketing campaign, it is imperative to determine the company’s requirements and make a plan. However, researches have shown ironical results in revealing that nearly 46 per cent of the brands have not formed a written digital marketing strategy. Not only this, there are another 16 per cent of global brands which have a digital marketing strategy but have not implemented it in their marketing activity.

It is important to understand at the very beginning that you cannot carve your way towards growth and scaling if you have not made a plan for doing that. Even if you look forward to hiring a digital marketing firm, it is essential to outline your requirements in relation to digital marketing goals and set up a strategy with the help of specialists.

digital marketing
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It is natural for anyone to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the process as there is a wide range of customers in the market, especially if you are doing this for the first time. There are certain powerful steps which would help you in coming up with an effective plan with the potential to take your business to the next level.

1. First Things First

First of all, you have to set up objectives. One has to decide about what is overall objective and mission to be achieved with the digital marketing plan. Do you require finding a target audience for your new products or are looking forward to becoming the go-to online store for mobile accessories and digital devices? A company may have more than one objective for a digital marketing campaign.

In the formation of a digital marketing strategy, one has to be specific about the key performance indicators (KPIs) through identification of the figures which one needs to account for.

It is important to have a realistic look into the KPIs by carrying out an in-depth analysis of the earlier digital marketing efforts.  This would help you to aim towards a positive increase in the present results and assist you in avoiding setting expectations beyond the achievable.

One has to determine the method for achieving the KPIs. This may be in relation to using Google Analytics for measuring the conversions, social media analytics or by using engagement tracking tools for assessing the content marketing strategy.

So, you can design a KPI template with percentage growth you want to achieve in your KPI template in a specific amount of time. It is important to begin planning of the KPIs by finding out the metrics which mean the most to the company.

2. Learn From Your Past

Your past strategies and business policies and a lot of insight into things which can work and those which cannot. It is important to analyse the earlier digital marketing strategy for successes and failures. This would help your organisation and the management to remain focused on setting the best kinds of KPIs. The time period of such an analysis should be equivalent to the time period for the planning of a new digital marketing strategy. An analysis can be started in the earlier years for a quarter or a month of time.

For this analytics, after determining the period of analysis, you have to set up the Google analytics calendar within the timeframe. You can use various effective tools like Google benchmarking reports for comprehensive information.

You also require analysing and paying attention to your competitors’ strategy for digital marketing and have a complete record of it in a spreadsheet. There are various tools which can help in analysing the SEO strategy of the competitors.

One also requires finding out if any other changes need to be done with respect to digital marketing approach. This can be in relation to the frequency of making posts on social media or using high-quality images and more.

3. Tend to the requirements of your target audience

During the planning, one has to keep in mind what the target demographics look forward to. All your other activities like KPI setting, channel selection and budget planning should keep in mind the interests and dreams of your target audience.

One has to start with developing a useful persona. One can begin by noting down the basic demographic information about the target consumers. This would include age, location and gender. What are the solutions you can offer to your target users for their various problems and requirements? You have to delve deeper by looking into their emotional desires, aspirations, insecurities, and goals.

List the factors which would initiate the target audience to take action. The different digital tools in Google Analytics would help you come down to important characteristics of the target users like their age, gender, career and other things. Now, you have to figure the best influencers for your target persona. Your digital marketing strategy requires focusing on market influencers.

4. What is your budget?

Your resources for the formation and implementation of your marketing strategy are going to depend on your budget, digital channels, and your business team. One requires taking into account the various resources prior to deciding the other things required in the next phase. At this stage, you may decide whether you want to outsource certain sections of your digital marketing strategy or do you want to do the thing yourself by forming a dedicated team for the same.

You have to outline your overall budget. Determine if any specific channels brought great results to you in the past. Think of whether you would like to have paid promotion like on social media or Google Adwords.

The ideal thing to do is to allocate a specific portion of the overall budget to different sections of the marketing strategy. For determining the right digital channels, you can make use of the analytics and find out which ones proved to be the most cost-effective ones. You have to see the results in terms of lowest cost per click, outreach and conversion.

You need to carry out analysis on performance basis for determining the vestigial elements of the promotion strategy which have failed to bring in the desired results. You can use the amount allocated here and reassign it to the effective digital channels.

5. Evaluate your resources

Now, you have to determine whether your current team has the capability of achieving the desired goals. It is important to take human considerations into account here and be realistic. Overstretching of work is not a good idea for any individual. Now, you have to decide if you require hiring more people or would you like to outsource the task to a reliable digital marketing firm.

Ask for a suggestion for boosting your digital marketing strategy. Keep in mind involving your employees in the formation of the new marketing strategy ensures that they would be on board for your new plan’s execution.

Now, review the various digital marketing channels. Do you feel a requirement to discard a few of them and experiment on the new ones? It is important to clearly underline what each digital channel is trying to achieve. There should be at least one KPI for each of the digital channels.

It is advisable to craft out a digital marketing plan on the basis of insightful reviews and an in-depth analysis. However, this plan may be tweaked intermittently in order to monitor the performance of the digital marketing strategy.

You can create a timeline for achieving various goals and it can be circulated to all your employees. You need to give them autonomy and let them edit wherever they feel necessary. In the plan, the key campaigns require being highlighted and these have to be promoted throughout the year with an allocation of realistic timeframe. Apart from this, the various digital channels and their performance should be documented in order to make the campaign successful.

A monitoring and measuring plan needs to be created too. At regular intervals, the success of the various digital marketing tools of the strategy has to be gauged. Necessary action and corrections need to be done in accordance with observation and analysis.

6. SEO Optimization Tips

In a digital a marketing strategy, SEO plays an important role. Your business website requires being search engine optimized and this means a lot of work.  Not only do you have to find the right SEO keywords pertaining to your website, but also have to arrange for a large amount of high-quality content based on the SEO keyword search results.

You can begin the work by deciding what your site is all about and what purpose you want it to serve. SEO is also about your level of commitment to your business and its online presence.

It is important to choose one main topic for conveying your message effectively. For this, one may require carrying out a bit of keyword research for choosing a relevant topic. You need to include the most relevant tips in your keywords, your title, domain name, tagline, description, blog categories, page content and page titles. Having WordPress websites allows you to do this in its general settings or with its highly effective SEO pack.

Linking the websites’ page to your homepage

There are many content management systems which would automatically link relevant content on different pages. However, in certain others, one has to do this intentionally by linking the content of the highly important pages to the homepage content.


One of the important SEO optimization tips is avoiding using numbers of your permalink structure. This makes the SEO look shabby. URLs structure using text having the keywords it the right way to form permalink.

An optimal page load time

If your website takes a lot of time to load, it is naturally going to push away your visitors. It is important that your website is ridden of any heavy images or other things which increase its loading time beyond a threshold. These may be music players, unnecessary plugins or flashy graphics among other things.

Optimise your images

The image title, description and attribute require using relevant keywords for the page and the topic of the website.

Link to other websites

When you include a blogroll or list the resource pages and link list on your pages in sparing manner, it acts as an outbound vote for other sites. This, in turn, might lead the other people visiting those websites to click on your link too and suggests the search engine that yours is an authoritative and trustworthy website for your particular topic.

Hiring a third party digital marketing agency

It may seem that following a good SEO strategy in your digital marketing strategy is humongous tasks when there are so many other things requiring to be maintained in your business. If you are deciding to outsource the SEO part or other parts of your digital marketing strategy to a digital marketing firm, you have to make a prudent choice. You can’t just hire the first digital marketing company coming across in the Google results.

You can begin by asking trusted friends in your professional or business circle to recommend an effective and efficient digital marketing service. You may also search for prospective reputable digital marketing companies on the internet. After making lists of at least 6 digital marketing agencies, make sure you communicate clearly with them about the business goals you want to achieve. 

Find out what suggestions or strategies are offered by the digital marketing agencies in this regard. Do they coincide with your result and findings?  You can also allocate them certain parts of your plan to work upon. The company you hire most show great results in the projects they have handled for their other clients. They should preferably have experience and exposure in your field. Moreover, find out what out-of-box solutions they have offered in their earlier projects by looking into case studies.

Make sure you choose a highly rated and highly reviewed digital marketing firm. You may ask them about SEO optimization tips, which can help in the achievement of the desired result for your website. A good digital marketing team has the attribute of great communication skills for updating and as well as listening to client ideas.
Formation of good rapport with proficient digital marketing team means that you can count on them for better services. This is certainly going to increase your chances of achieving greater than your expectations.

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