Can You Create Your Own Presence on Wikipedia?

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Wikipedia is a crowdsourced platform, and anyone can create a Wikipedia user account and enjoys the freedom to create an article on any subject. Wikipedia but would prefer that the topic shouldn’t be me and it is right there, clearly defined in their terms of service. So entries on Wikipedia can be related to the wedding showers. Hence, the bride shouldn’t arrange them on their own, and she shouldn’t move over persuade her sudden relatives into doing this for herself. And same goes with Wikipedia if one deserved the presence they should be appearing there naturally or maybe through the setup of the bridesmaid. Hence, is one deserving?

Have you been elected for something extraordinary, made some scientific discoveries, written a best seller, freed a small country or starred in the blockbuster movies, have been the famous sportsman or an owner of a valuable business? 

If you have done something great, you are probably already on Wikipedia through one source or another. If there are things written about you on the internet, chances are these reputable sources will also influence your presence on your Wikipedia page. This completely pushes the way of saying, if you belong to Wikipedia, you would probably be there already.

The social media has shaped our minds so that we can become the custodians of our own lives, this is what the timeline of Facebook depicts, and that’s what the Pinterest outshines recording dates, organizing personalities, it has been the baby’s first step and now what has become of the grownups.

Having Your Presence on Wikipedia

It was just a matter of time before it leads to this, to ordinary people feeling that their existence can be authenticated only with the presence of the entry made in an encyclopedia. If a tree falls, no one noticed it. 

On the one hand, why everyone shouldn’t have the Wikipedia entry and not as a dead tree, there is no persistent space limit online. Wikipedia has soon become the database not only for the previous figures but also for the recent pop culture tumbleweeds. The website is bombarded by the entries you might probably not read saved by the bell. However, you would be pleased to find if you go looking for them.

Well, on the other hand, maybe the bell does not save us. You similar to most of us sometimes may not need to be well kept for the future apart from the personal future dependent account. The soul of the encyclopedia has always been to the books that are already crucial, not to create importance for something incomprehensible.

The primary reason to avoid the Wikipedia entry is that once you create one, it no longer remains yours. You might have created it. However, everyone else can make edits. The following product may not be one to celebrate; it will be an in-depth analysis of your failures as well as achievements. In the worst case, it will be deleted.

Wikipedia takes note that most self-obsessed entries are taken down within minutes as the toiling editor’s post them. It’s one thing to debate presently if you are deserving a Wikipedia entry. While that’s a different thing to be informed later that under no case, you are not, having to learn how to create a Wikipedia page for an actor can be tricky, it can also be excellent for building credibility and earning exposure for your acting career.

Since there are ample amount of relatively unknown independent artists in the market, Wikipedia has proven to be very strict in the policies for accepting pages about the artist. Wikipedia volunteers are employed from all across the world, and they have a different understanding of the Wikipedia policies and procedures so that stretch may vary. However, if you follow the right tips and give close attention to Wikipedia publishing policies, you will for sure have a fighting chance. 

Well, acceptable there is not much value in adding artist pages for the acts that are only staying to be there for a matter of a few days. If your careers are new and young and without an excellent news coverage from independent and reliable sources it is wise to hold off unless you have released some hits on the box office and earned the separate media coverage. Moreover, if you are established actor with some notability in the media, you might very well be able to have your own Wikipedia page.

In a nutshell

Wikipedia is the necessary step to initiate with though with the invasion of the social media channels Wikipedia has created the high boundaries. You can be late than never having published your own page today.

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