A Beginner-Friendly Guide to Digital Marketing and How it Can be Your New Side Hustle?

This era is a digital era as everything is shifting from offline to online. In 2010, digital marketing spends in India were 1,000 crores and in 2019, this number jumped to more than 50,000 crores.  That means 50times growth in a short span of 9 years and there’s a lot more to come 500 million + Indians have still not explored the world of the Internet. Each sector experienced a steep drop during the coronavirus situation but this was one of the sectors whose revenue collection was even more during this pandemic. So if you’re wondering how you can make bucks sitting at home here’s the right guide for you. We’ll be discussing how a person having zero or no knowledge about it can grow quickly in this field and how digital marketing can be your side hustle or even a full-time career.

Enlighten yourself about Digital Marketing

As the world is going digital for everything it’s certain that career opportunities will definitely be more in the coming times. So, every business requires its marketing, and online marketing has been proved to be an effective way of reaching out to the right audience. People call the digital marketing industry a misunderstood industry because you don’t learn about it in your schools or colleges. You can learn about digital marketing through practical knowledge or by enrolling yourself in a course that provides you with a premium level content. Honestly, the youth is in the best possible position to learn about this industry because if you are a young Indian and have experienced Social Media, then this knowledge of experience becomes the starting of your skillset in this industry.

What is social media intelligence ?

Your social media intelligence has increased by using Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. and as you know about the pattern of social media and this skill will help you to make money. Adults or old people work in big companies and they require new-age marketing. Nowadays, people are not even leaving their homes for work and who knows the timespan of coronavirus situation right? What if this situation exceeds more than 2 years? So, start a marketing company because big companies have to expand their reach on social media and for that, they will require your skills for marketing.

What all can you do in the world of social media?

You can become an influencer, talent manager, social media manager, social media graphic designer, video editors, graphic professional, but if you don’t want to become a media designer where a brand or a company request help from you, then what’s next? Here is a great idea for you people, you can do a social media sales job by simply selling social media startups (as there are many) as a ‘social media executive’. you can also do the ABC’s of digital marketing like the search engine optimization expert (SEO), Google Adwords expert, Facebook Adwords expert, Instagram Adwords expert. These are some really skilled job profiles. But if you want to do all these things, you can also become a media entrepreneur.

How to become a media entrepreneur?

It is one of the toughest jobs as media is a very wide field. you can do it by opening a single company or agency or can provide special services to people like some companies. Only video production or digital marketing or social management. But it’s totally up to you that whether you want to open a company or you want to work as a professional. Although entrepreneurship is a tough game if you start liking it then it’s really a rewarding game in the long run.

How can you expand your company/career?

Digital marketing is a network-based career, as the media industry also a people-oriented industry, which means if you want to expand your company or career, you need to gain the trust of your audience and you will be getting jobs on its basis. The more friends you have, the more trust you get, the more you’ll be able to expand your business. It’s a deep networking game.

How can you improve you working quality?

Getting trust and making relationships is one thing but maintaining them is such a task. Always remember, friends and networking, a person’s skill and relationship building skills is one thing and the other is your work quality. Work quality depends on your speed and how finesse is your work? Which means how precise your work? Which means how precise your work is. Speed and finesse are two important things to improve your work quality which in turn will help you get more career opportunities and promotions.

1st rule of social media world

Social media/digital marketing is like a sport, as overnight success is achieved through years of hard work that no one sees . You need to work really hard in the initial 2- 3 years, you’ll have to do lots of projects for free with speed and Finesse but one day your agency/ company will pop- up and will reach its zenith. It’s a game of team- work. Finding correct human resources is a difficult task in digital marketing. The better the team, the better your company will grow.

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