6 Steps to Immediately Improve SEO in 2019

6 Steps to Immediately Improve SEO 2019

The online visibility of your brand or business is certainly a factor, you can never ignore.

But, if you have ignored SEO, then you may be in a trouble.

So,…What Is It Anyway?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization deals with the ranking of your webpage (the page of your company’s website) in the top results found in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

In simpler words, it makes the online presence of your brand more visible and, hence, ‘easily identified’ by viewers.

SEO, in this way, targets to improve the numbers of visitors in your website. Put simply, an increased number of visitors in your website helps that website (or any other online web pages you have) be more visible.

For a great brand awareness, you need people to know about your business.

No wonder you need SEO!

2019 and SEO

The factor about the trends of SEO changes with something called a program named Algorithm.

Let’s take Google for example!

Google has been and will be (as far as research suggests) the most preferred search engine all over the world. It uses a particular algorithm to FETCH results with the presence of a particular keyword or keyphrase.

This algorithm, from Google, is subject to a rapid change.

But that doesn’t mean you will have to worry.

This alteration of the algorithm is done for the sake of keeping the organic search results the most accurate according to the given keyword or keyphrase.

In 2019, a few individuals just assumed that this change in the algorithm will vastly affect the said accuracy of the organic search results.

But, that’s a fear you shouldn’t be bothered about.

What To Do?

Algorithms will change. That’s natural stuff. You cannot just change that.

What you really need to do is to make some necessary steps to boost up your SEO.

So, you’ve known what to do…

…it’s time to know how to do it. Read on…Pay More Attention in Content Creation

1. Pay More Attention in Content Creation

The thing is: “Content is King”.

Good quality content serves as a statement for your website.

Let’s consider how Google finds a webpage.

A consumer enters a keyword and asks Google to fetch organic results. Google starts to find the websites having the CONTENT, relevant to the searched keyword.

Websites with an enriched presence of quality content top the list of the SERP…

…and the consumer gets the desired website he or she wants.

When you stuff your website with content, and that too by creating the content in the most useful quality possible, you get the opportunity to be sought and then ranked by Google (or any search engine) at the first or at least in the first results.

Hence, you make your website, your content and your business more visible to a really wide number of consumers.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

  • Never compromise with the quality of the content.
  • Always try to make your content relevant to your business and its services or products.
  • Create content on topics that are searched the most under the particular niche of your business.
  • Run content audit and alter its comprehensive structure if needed. 

To know more about content and how to write it effectively, you can read our article on 6 Necessary Tips To Write Powerful And Engaging Content

2. Improve the UI/UX Designs

It’s pretty important for 2019.

The fact is that a great UI (User Interface) Design does two things: It helps viewers stay on the page and it again gets a good grade from what you know as Google Analytics.

This good reputation from Google Analytics again boosts the visibility of the website.

Design your UI in such a way that it qualifies to be user-friendly along with being attractive.

The next part is the Google Analytics one. The well-designed UIs are categorized to be the catalysts for improving your website’s quality when the website is searched by the metrics from Google Analytics.

An effective UI design ultimately gets your website more bounce rates, increases the number of page views and does a lot in order to help your website be qualified by Google Analytics as crucial and useful to consumers.

3. Have You Ever Thought About Mobile Indexing?

If you didn’t, then it is probably the right time to do so.

Mobile devices are almost majorly used to search for a business or a brand.

Google has already been vocal about stating that it gets a huge traffic originating from mobile devices.

If you start your SEO agendas with making a more mobile-friendly website and content, then you’re on the page of progress.

You may use mobile themes to your website and content. Use the CMS Platform if you deem it important.

Just keep in mind that the future of SEO is going to b largely owned by mobile devices.

4. Time To Use Voice Search Optimization

You get Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant and what not…

AI has already made a clear statement about its stepping in the digital world. Voice command is surely going to rule over the world within a few years.

It is time to optimize your website using voice search.

Just stick to long tail keywords or keyphrases. Research about them and select those ones used by audience commonly but VOCALLY as well.

5. Add Outbound Links

Linking your website makes your consumers find reliable information.

As a matter of fact, it also makes your site much relevant and useful.

With the relevance in content, your website gets easily topped in the SERP.

Make reliable outbound links but don’t use a lot of them. It may distract your content’s presence in the online world.

6. Variety?

…in the content.  

Content is king but a singular type of it may not work well for the SEO of your website.

Use video content, podcasts, image to boost up the quality of content in your website.

You may again use infographics for mobile devices.

The Concluding Words

You will always be in the need for a really good set of strategies regarding SEO if you want an effective and persisting visibility of your business.

Stick to these rules and speak to SEO pros if you can.

There are Internet Marketing Brands out there with SEO pros who are ready to help you out. 

Just keep in mind that a good SEO means a great business.

Author Bio:

Shiva Kushwaha is an SEO consultant and writer associated with a renowned SEO company in India. He is capable of ranking any website or blogs in top SERPs. He can be reached for result oriented SEO packages for your online success.

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