6 Necessary Content Writing Tips To Write Powerful And Engaging Content

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Article writing is one of the important aspects of SEO. It can either be a hit or miss, depending upon who you hire to write your site’s content. And is content important? Yes, according to Google. Quality content will ensure that you get into Google’s ranking and maintain your position there.

Good content not only ensures a good ranking but also helps reduce bounce rate. People tend to advertise your site and content if they find quality in the same. In this article, you will find 6 finest content writing tips that can improve the quality of your overall content. Also, if you are searching for a professional content writing team, you can use these tips to determine the best content writing services India.

6 Important & Effective Content Writing Tips

The goal is to take maximum advantage of the services you hire. While working with a content writing firm, you need to make sure your articles have the following qualities:

Following are 6 effective content writing tips that can help you in the longer run:

1. Appropriate Keyword Research

You need to have a list of keywords you can write about. The keywords you target depends upon the audience you are targeting, the content you are writing about and whether the keyword has enough monthly search volume to generate organic traffic to your site/blog.

Having a solid list of keyword will provide you more benefit than you can imagine. Without the right keywords in place, people might not be able to reach your site.

Competition of these keywords is also a factor you must take in. The more competition a keyword has, the fiercer will be the battle to attract visitors. In order to directly research and analyze keywords, you can use a number of SEO Tools available on the internet.

2. Right Placement

Gone were the times when you could stuff your article with keywords, and you would rank in the search results without much effort. Not only does this technique not work now, it will have a severe backlash on your site’s ranking and reputation.

In order to proceed with keywords, you need to make the right strategy to place them. The right way to put them shall be –

  • Make sure to include your keyword in the title
  • You should include your keyword in the first 200-300 words
  • Make sure to include your keyword in the sub-heading (H1 or H2)
  • Make sure your keyword stuffing ratio does not exceed 2-3% of your article’s word count

The keywords in your article must appear naturally into the content. They should not feel forced, as it will hinder the overall quality of the article, resulting in an increased bounce rate. People search for keywords to know more about that specific topic and your article should be informative enough to provide details regarding the keyword.

3. Right Content

Before right placement, you must ask yourself, is this the right content? Is this the content people are searching for? Is this the content they will care for? Your article is worthless as long as no one is searching for it.

Before going for a keyword or topic, you must first disregard all tools & techniques of SEO and make sure that humans who are going to read this particular article will be interested in it.

Be informative, be unique and be of value to your visitors. That’s what will make you stand apart from the rest. People like unique, simple-to-read articles, which directly places the information they are seeking for, right in front of them. Just like you would yourself like it.

4. Make It Just Long Enough

Search engines are known to give a better preference to lengthy articles and blogs, over their less lengthy counterparts. Meaning, a shorter post of 400-500 words is less likely to appear in the search results against a 1000 words post of similar topic.

Whenever you go for writing an article or even you are hiring content writing services India, you should aim for the 1000-1500+ word range. Most website’s most popular posts are well-above the 1500 words mark.

This also makes your content engaging, and if a reader finds your article detailed enough, he/she might also share the information with others. The lengthier your content, the more the information and the more the information, more are the chances to attract visitors.

5. Keep Track Of Your Content

Finishing and posting your article is not the end of things. You need to constantly review the statistics of your post to better understand whether your audience is liking the content or not. Also, it is important that you the knowledge in your article is kept up-to-date to be informative and useful to your readers.

Whether your post is doing good or bad can be judged by analysing the bounce rate of that specific post. If a post has a high bounce rate, you can assume that it is not engaging enough or does not contain the right information to keep the reader interested in it. This will help you edit the article and make sure only quality content gets onto your site.

To do this analysis, you can refer to Google Analytics or tools, such as SEMRush. By using these, you will be able to view detailed information regarding the bounce rate, organic traffic, etc. of your website.

Moreover, if you are using WordPress, you can make use of various SEO-related plugins that can provide you information regarding your content.
Yoast is one such powerful plugin that can help you in achieving this.

6. Edit and Trim your Draft

The one thing that differentiates professional content writing services from the amateur ones is the final touches and editing. Any early draft of an article may contain a handful of mistakes, grammatical errors or inappropriate sentence structures.

A final review of the draft can remove these error, taking the content up to the ready-to-be-posted mark.

Last minute edits can change your article’s quality and enhance it even further, by trimming the complicated sentences, reducing the overall length of paragraphs and much more.

Quality content is not written in an instant, it takes time to research, bring out facts and put it in a proper format. If you are writing on your own, don’t be in a rush. Take your time and even if your first post does not come out as expected, learn from your mistakes, and keep trying to be better yourself.

Final Words

The quality of your content will reflect the value of your website. Without the right content in your hands, you can’t have the attention or loyalty of your readers. Whether you are writing your own content or hiring a professional writing service, the tips mentioned above will assist you in creating powerful and engaging content, while also being SEO-friendly.

If you are in a trouble writing content for yourself, we can assist you in all the right ways through our experienced professionals. Contact us for our services!

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